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Our Doctors at Saratoga Medical Centre

At Saratoga Medical Centre, we offer many services to suit you and your family’s every need. Our caring, helpful team are here to assist you.You can read more about our GPs below, and also meet our Allied Health Professionals.

We look forward to meeting you and discovering how we can help you!

Dr Carmel Sullivan, General Practitioner

Dr Carmel Sullivan, GP SaratogaDr Carmel Sullivan received her medical degree at Nottingham University after a lifelong passion for health and wellness. Dr Sullivan enjoys being able to interact with her patients on a daily basis, bringing a positive impact to their lives and health.

No matter how big or small, I love the opportunity to have a positive impact on my patients’ lives and health.

Dr Carmel Sullivan

When she isn’t changing lives at Saratoga Medical Centre, she enjoys reading, walking on the beach and relaxing.

Learn more about Dr. Carmel Sullivan by scheduling your next visit with her.

Dr Victor Nakhla, General Practitioner

Dr Victor Nakhla, GP SaratogaDr Nakhla always had a passion for the sciences and the mystery of the human body that led him to the medical profession. A pathologist before immigrating to Australia, he has worked as a GP for over 15 years. He loves seeing a diversity of conditions and the rapports he forms with patients.

He completed his bachelor’s degree overseas, then achieved a Fellowship of General Practitioners after his move to Australia. During his studies, he was amazed by the manner in which the body was able to work in unity.

I believe the way the body works in unity is miraculous.

Dr Victor Nakhla

Outside of work, Dr Nakhla enjoys cooking and socialising with his friends and family, listening to music and being outdoors. He’s an active member of his church in Sydney.

Dr Jaimie Rees, General Practitioner

Dr Jaime Rees, GP SaratogaAfter training and working in the U.K. as a pharmacist and general practitioner, Dr Rees moved to Australia in 2014. She’s qualified as a GP in both the U.K. and Australia and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

During her time in the U.K., she practiced paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology and emergency medicine at hospital posts.

I love the variety and challenges of family medicine.
Dr Jaimie Rees

Dr Rees is experienced in many fields, including:

  • Child and adolescent health
  • Chronic disease management
  • General medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Palliative care
  • Preventative medicine
  • Women’s health

Outside of medicine, Dr Rees is a wife and mother to four young children, loves the outdoors, fitness, literature, concerts and festivals.

Dr Cherie Castaing, General Practitioner

Dr Castaing completed her medical degree in 1994 at Otago University (NZ), headed to the warmer beaches of the central coast and hasn’t left. She completed her training at Gosford Hospital including Paediatrics, Addiction medicine and a diploma in O&G then gained a fellowship in general practice.

Cherie is particularly interested in diabetes and chronic disease management, paediatrics and mental health but enjoys the variety of general practice.

Outside of medicine Cherie has been busy raising three children. She can often be found on the sidelines of a rugby field, netball court, pool, P&C meeting or serving behind the bar of her local SLSC. In her spare time she enjoys walking her dog and generally enjoying the great outdoors.

Dr Castaing has been working at a large Umina Practice for the last 15yrs and is now ready to join a smaller community focused general practice.

Dr Jeeve Samarasinghe, General Practitioner

Dr Jeeve SamarasingheDr Jeeve Samarasinghe obtained his medical degree from London University (St Georges Medical School) and was a GP partner and trainer for 14 years in Sussex (Southern England).

I have an interest chronic disease management and orthopaedics. I love the rapport that can be built up with people as part of the General practice consultation and particularly enjoy the problem solving part of the job.
Dr Jeeve Samarasinghe

Outside of work I play guitar and have gigged informally with my son (who is a drummer) and other friends. I also love to play tennis, swim and anything to do with aviation.

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